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WHAT I WANT: target office edition

As if any of us need more of an excuse to shop ’til we drop at Target, I introduce my series: WHAT I WANT: Target Edition. Stay tuned for more on specific home decor, beauty, wellness, and style items I’m obsessing over. Sorry in advance! 😉

lemon & olive leaf candle Unless you’re new here, you know  I have to have a candle in every. single. room of my house. For the office, I love something bright and fresh to help get the creative juices flowin’. Plus, I adore the decorative, reusable tin and how its covered in lemons (reminds me of our Italian honeymoon 🙂 ).

gold paper clips If you have to have desk essentials, might as well make ’em cute right? I love the bigger style because I can use them to hold my business cards together, hotel keys (we collect them!), and even as bookmarks for magazine and journal articles I want to refer back to.

tufted blush chair I’m not a fan of traditional office chairs, so to me, this tufted blush one is just the perfect pop of color, comfort, and sophistication to accompany a sleek, clean-lined desk.

white desk I’m really loving a simple, white desk right now. This one has just enough interest with the cross detailing on the sides, a convenient drawer to keep messes hidden, and can fit pretty much into any room or nook!

woven bowl If there’s one home decor item I’ve purchased that my husband has been the MOST excited about (like literally his eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across his face) is when I brought home a woven bowl I dubbed “The Junk Bowl”. It’s a win-win for a guy who loves to throw keys, mail, business cards, etc. all over the desk and for a gal who loves tidiness at all times 😉

stainless steel scissors No one likes a shitty pair of scissors, so invest in a good pair of stainless steel ones. With the gold handle and classic design, they’re pretty enough to keep out on your desk or tucked into a cup for a practical pop of decor.

striped woven basket If you haven’t noticed by now, I love using woven baskets as storage containers (I even use one for my dog’s toys!). For my office, I have a basket for laptop chargers, phone chargers, iPad case, and other random supplies that need to be readily available, but are also not that pretty to have scattered all over the place. I also have one that I plopped my palm plant into to cover the ugly plastic container it came in.

plant stand Fake a green thumb and add some mid-century modern flare to your office with this trendy plant stand. Mix and match different sizes and group them together in a corner for some added interest and style.

striped marble coasters I like maintaining subtle themes throughout my house and these coasters kill two birds with one stone: black and white striped and marble. I don’t know about you, but I like to have about 7 different drinks (water, iced coffee, kombucha, green juice, sparkling water with lime…) with me while I’m working so coasters are a must.

gold end table Place one in a corner or buy two to center your desk in between. I find gold accented furniture to be even more versatile than wood (I have a gold bar cart and gold shelving in my office) and pairs well with any home style. Use this one for stacking notebooks, binders, magazines, papers, books, candles, etc.

leaf wall art I just LOVE these. They’re fresh, incorporate some color and nature but also maintain the black and white theme, and are so fun to either pair side by side, centered over matching tables, or would even be perfect additions to a wall gallery.

#girlboss book If you read about my obsession with coffee table books, then it should come as no surprise to you that my office is filled with them. In my office I like to keep the books empowering, inspiring and motivational, like this onethis one, and this one.


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