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We took a trip to Colorado a few weeks back and it was my first time visiting the state. Although I’m definitely a beach bunny over a snow bunny, I found the dense forests, picturesque sky, and snow-capped mountains really gorgeous!

Popped into one of my favorite local stores and got immediately excited for summer when I saw this pompom beach bag and versatile Mexican Blanket (I use mine as the throw on the foot of our bed). I’m really loving the pompom trend right now and found some similar options herehere, and here (obsessed!).

I hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re currently in June Lake freezing our butts off relaxing, hiking, and taking in all of the nature up here. We road tripped up with our dog, Abi, and have been having a blast exploring some parts of California we rarely, if ever, get to see. It’s her first time experiencing the snow, and it’s safe to say she’s still a bit undecided on the whole situation (her and me both! haha). I’ve been keeping up with my goal of staying away from social media and spending more time reading articles, books, and magazines. I just read this fascinating article all about secrets; how they develop, why we keep them, and how to relinquish the control they can have over us (whether they’re our own, or ones we’re keeping for someone else). I love examining the pros and cons to something that is typically deemed as strictly negative (like anger) and therefore being able to look at it in a whole new way. It feels freeing to let go of trying to make the world so black and white, when really it’s about a million shades of grey (ties not included 😉 ).

Whether it’s my home or my fashion, my style is a classic and clean mix of edgy and feminine, as evidenced by this snapshot of my office shelves. I love pairing the  pretty and girly Foraged Flora and La Dolca Vita books with a neutral candle (and my very favorite!), my beloved Jonathan Adler zebra tray, and cheeky and edgy newest read. The “Let’s Make Out” print is actually a card my husband gave to me for Valentine’s Day.

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