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WHAT I WANT: target office edition

As if any of us need more of an excuse to shop ’til we drop at Target, I introduce my series: WHAT I WANT: Target Edition. Stay tuned for more on specific home decor, beauty, wellness, and style items I’m obsessing over. Sorry in advance! 😉

lemon & olive leaf candle Unless you’re new here, you know  I have to have a candle in every. single. room of my house. For the office, I love something bright and fresh to help get the creative juices flowin’. Plus, I adore the decorative, reusable tin and how its covered in lemons (reminds me of our Italian honeymoon 🙂 ).

gold paper clips If you have to have desk essentials, might as well make ’em cute right? I love the bigger style because I can use them to hold my business cards together, hotel keys (we collect them!), and even as bookmarks for magazine and journal articles I want to refer back to.

tufted blush chair I’m not a fan of traditional office chairs, so to me, this tufted blush one is just the perfect pop of color, comfort, and sophistication to accompany a sleek, clean-lined desk.

white desk I’m really loving a simple, white desk right now. This one has just enough interest with the cross detailing on the sides, a convenient drawer to keep messes hidden, and can fit pretty much into any room or nook!

woven bowl If there’s one home decor item I’ve purchased that my husband has been the MOST excited about (like literally his eyes lit up and a huge grin spread across his face) is when I brought home a woven bowl I dubbed “The Junk Bowl”. It’s a win-win for a guy who loves to throw keys, mail, business cards, etc. all over the desk and for a gal who loves tidiness at all times 😉

stainless steel scissors No one likes a shitty pair of scissors, so invest in a good pair of stainless steel ones. With the gold handle and classic design, they’re pretty enough to keep out on your desk or tucked into a cup for a practical pop of decor.

striped woven basket If you haven’t noticed by now, I love using woven baskets as storage containers (I even use one for my dog’s toys!). For my office, I have a basket for laptop chargers, phone chargers, iPad case, and other random supplies that need to be readily available, but are also not that pretty to have scattered all over the place. I also have one that I plopped my palm plant into to cover the ugly plastic container it came in.

plant stand Fake a green thumb and add some mid-century modern flare to your office with this trendy plant stand. Mix and match different sizes and group them together in a corner for some added interest and style.

striped marble coasters I like maintaining subtle themes throughout my house and these coasters kill two birds with one stone: black and white striped and marble. I don’t know about you, but I like to have about 7 different drinks (water, iced coffee, kombucha, green juice, sparkling water with lime…) with me while I’m working so coasters are a must.

gold end table Place one in a corner or buy two to center your desk in between. I find gold accented furniture to be even more versatile than wood (I have a gold bar cart and gold shelving in my office) and pairs well with any home style. Use this one for stacking notebooks, binders, magazines, papers, books, candles, etc.

leaf wall art I just LOVE these. They’re fresh, incorporate some color and nature but also maintain the black and white theme, and are so fun to either pair side by side, centered over matching tables, or would even be perfect additions to a wall gallery.

#girlboss book If you read about my obsession with coffee table books, then it should come as no surprise to you that my office is filled with them. In my office I like to keep the books empowering, inspiring and motivational, like this onethis one, and this one.


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this & that

this & that

We took a trip to Colorado a few weeks back and it was my first time visiting the state. Although I’m definitely a beach bunny over a snow bunny, I found the dense forests, picturesque sky, and snow-capped mountains really gorgeous!

Popped into one of my favorite local stores and got immediately excited for summer when I saw this pompom beach bag and versatile Mexican Blanket (I use mine as the throw on the foot of our bed). I’m really loving the pompom trend right now and found some similar options herehere, and here (obsessed!).

I hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re currently in June Lake freezing our butts off relaxing, hiking, and taking in all of the nature up here. We road tripped up with our dog, Abi, and have been having a blast exploring some parts of California we rarely, if ever, get to see. It’s her first time experiencing the snow, and it’s safe to say she’s still a bit undecided on the whole situation (her and me both! haha). I’ve been keeping up with my goal of staying away from social media and spending more time reading articles, books, and magazines. I just read this fascinating article all about secrets; how they develop, why we keep them, and how to relinquish the control they can have over us (whether they’re our own, or ones we’re keeping for someone else). I love examining the pros and cons to something that is typically deemed as strictly negative (like anger) and therefore being able to look at it in a whole new way. It feels freeing to let go of trying to make the world so black and white, when really it’s about a million shades of grey (ties not included 😉 ).

Whether it’s my home or my fashion, my style is a classic and clean mix of edgy and feminine, as evidenced by this snapshot of my office shelves. I love pairing the  pretty and girly Foraged Flora and La Dolca Vita books with a neutral candle (and my very favorite!), my beloved Jonathan Adler zebra tray, and cheeky and edgy newest read. The “Let’s Make Out” print is actually a card my husband gave to me for Valentine’s Day.

home, what i want

WHAT I WANT: target bathroom edition

As if any of us need more of an excuse to shop ’til we drop at Target, I introduce my series: WHAT I WANT: Target Edition. Stay tuned for more on specific home decor, beauty, wellness, and style items I’m obsessing over. Sorry in advance!
WHAT I WANT: target bathroom edition
two-sided gold vanity mirror the gold gives an updated, luxe feel on an otherwise boring bathroom vanity essential
decorative wood ladder perfect for hanging turkish towels and adding a little rustic warmth to an otherwise crisp, white room
gold tumbler use it for swishing mouth wash, taking your daily vitamin, or holding your makeup brushes
fringed bath mat love this simple, clean bath mat with the diamond and fringed detailing. bonus, it’s super soft!
fringed bath towel invest in a few sizes to fill the wood ladder up with some Turkish flare
basil & olive oil hand soap my favorite scent of all of the Mrs. Meyers soaps
woven basket use it for dirty towels or clothes, or line it with a trash bag for a pretty take on a bathroom essential
palm wall print I have two of photographer Bree Madden’s prints in my bathroom & absolutely love them. Here’s why
striped candle LOVE a good black and white striped moment, and I also LOVE candles, so obviously this one is just perfect as another bathroom must-have
gold mirrored vanity tray perfect for giving your everyday jewelry, skincare products, and pretty little perfume bottles an intentional home (i.e. not scattered all over the place 😉 )
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home, what i want

WHAT I WANT: target bedroom edition

As if any of us need more of an excuse to shop ’til we drop at Target, I introduce my new series: WHAT I WANT: Target Edition. Stay tuned for more on specific home decor, beauty, wellness, and style items I’m obsessing over. Sorry in advance! 😉
WHAT I WANT: target bedroom edition


Navy Tufted Bed the perfect subtle pop of color and luxe for an otherwise clean and crisp aesthetic
Black and White Striped Ottoman every room needs a statement piece, and this edgy storage bench does the trick
Mid-Century Modern Bedside Table the white detailing keeps with the theme, while the wood warms up the space
Moroccan Throw offset the sleek and modern with an eclectic throw for the foot of your bed
Cream Pom Pom Pillow the perfect counterpart to the throw, this pillow adds a little Moroccan flare as well
Lotus Candle right on trend + the perfect scent to transform your bedroom
Hanging Faux Fern sometimes fake is better, especially when it means no mess and no hassle
White & Gold Ring Holder functional + a super sweet accent to your bedside table
Feather Art minimal + global modern
Round Wall Mirror adds light to a small space in a softer than square shape
this & that

this & that

found the leather jacket of my dreams at Nordstrom Rack the other day – just the perfect dose of badass mixed with timeless classic, and just the right amount of details. shop it here (note: i sized up for a more over-sized fit, also available in blush)

this framed art is actually a card i gave my husband for valentine’s day made by a local artist. i loved it so much i just had to make it a permanent home decor item.

Since studying psychology, it’s always been interesting to me how we tend to categorize our emotions into either “good” or “bad”. For instance, “being happy” is considered to be a positive regardless of the situation, while being “irritable” is pretty much always deemed as a negative. I recently came across this article and was excited to see anger being painted in a positive, or at least healthy and effective, light. Of all of the emotions, anger is the one who gets the worst rep, but, as the article points out in 16 different ways, it can actually serve a vital purpose when handled and conveyed in a constructive way.

can you tell we’re in the last stages of home decorating? it seems like finding the right art is always the last task to tackle. i was kind of mindlessly browsing online when i stumbled upon these photographs and immediately fell head over heals in love. not only does the one depict a glorious pile of sea lions (check out this post on why this is particularly meaningful to me), but both were taken in La Jolla, San Diego where we got married. and just like that, our guest bathroom is complete.

while i love a good sunset (pretty sure it’s a requirement of living at the beach), it’s not often i’m up early enough to appreciate a stunning sunrise.


Not Your Basic Bitch Coffee


While there’s nothing like curling up at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop with a perfectly brewed drink of choice (mine: cold brew with a dash of coconut milk or a hot americano with almond milk), drinking out every morning just isn’t always practical. And unless you have a fancy shmancy espresso machine, chances are your at-home coffee runs the risk of being too bitter, too watery, or just too basic. Until now. Enter: the not your basic bitch coffee recipe.

When I made this recipe the other day I knew I had to share it immediately with you guys. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, smooth, and frothy without all of the calories. It still has that robust coffee flavor, but the bitterness is cut out. And dare I say, it’s actually healthy.

What You’ll Need

  • one cup of your favorite at home brew. I used a dark roast coffee brewed in my Keurig (eco-friendly tip: invest in a re-usable K-cup which allows you to buy whatever coffee you want to put in it, cuts down majorly on cost, and of course, won’t end up in our landfills after every use)
  • a blender or food processor. I used my trusty NutriBullet
  • one teaspoon of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil
  • one tablespoon of organic, clarified butter (or “ghee”)
  • a dash of vanilla
  • a dribble of raw agave nectar
  • a dash of cinnamon


Brew one cup of coffee using your preferred method and coffee grounds of choice. In a blender or food processor, combine the coconut oil, ghee, vanilla, and agave. Pour the hot coffee over the ingredients and blend for 10 seconds until frothy. Pour into your favorite cup, add a sprinkle of cinnamon, and enjoy!


this & that

This & That

this week’s avocado toast, naturally.

finally found my perfect white sneaker – a classic style with a touch of sporty, and complete with a little gold stripe down the back. shop them here (note: i went a half size up)

Happy Friday! I spent my morning browsing through articles and came across this one that I immediately shared with my husband and wanted to share with all of you. Relationships take work (both of your selves and as a whole), but with consistent dedicated time and energy directed towards them, they can feel pretty effortless and very fulfilling. Points number four and five especially resonated with me, and I plan on making numbers one and seven more of a habit of a mine. After all, no matter where you’re at in your relationship (just started dating – been married 25 years), it could always use a little fine tuning and some extra TLC. Trust me, the payoff is worth it 😉

not my green thumb. the prettiest rosebushes in my neighborhood i pass by on my way to work.


currently crushing on these satin joggers, more sizes here, & similar & on sale here! i’d pair them with white loafer slides for a casual cool, but put together look. 

Have a great weekend!

this & that

this & that

how gorgeous are these edgy chairs? stumbled upon them at an interior design boutique in beverly hills and quickly stumbled out once i checked the price tag. anyone know where i can get the knockoff version of these beauties? 

I’ve been home from Costa Rica for a few weeks now, but am just now feeling back into the swing of things. That means, tons of grocery shopping and healthy home cooked meals, more home decor shopping and designing (I think I need an intervention at this point), and running countless errands all while trying to stay warm and dry during this unusually winterish winter in LA. Heck, I even (finally) started the process of legally changing my last name to my married one – it only took me about 16 months to get the ball rolling. Anyone else procrastinated on this? It’s just such a weird feeling of kind of living as two identities, right? Please tell my I’m not alone on this one!

scenic pit stop on our road trip through costa rica – i’ll be dreaming of these views for years to come. stay tuned for a full post on our vacation! 

sneak peak of our new home. slowly, but surely it’s coming along and i’m really loving the result! 

couch // pouf: in gold & on sale // rug: similar here & on sale // coffee table: designed our own with Parkman Woodworkssimilar here // banana leaf print pillows: handmade by my super talented friend Linda, similar here // super heroes & rock stars pillow: old, cute & similarly cheeky options herehere, & here (& on sale!) // wall print: similar, also love this & this // tassle throw blanket: here & on sale! // gold bar cart: here

Have a great weekend, babes!


Obsessively Collecting: Coffee Table Books

Hi, my name is Sara and I’m a coffee table book addict. Weird thing is though, I actually don’t have any books on my actual coffee table. Instead, I prefer them everywhere else. In the kitchen, on the shelves above the TV, stacked all over the office, under a lamp in the bedroom, you name the room…they’re in there. Kind of like candles, I just can’t seem to get enough. Really though, I think they are just one of the best home decor items you can invest in. They’re pieces of literature (how refined! how educated!), they’re beautiful works of art, they help add dimension and height, and they’re great conversation starters when having guests over. At least this is how I justify my ever growing collection. And I really don’t discriminate when it comes to type of book — I have fashion and style ones, travel and photography, animals (wild and domestic), home decor and interior design, and am looking to collect some more on music, art, and whatever other category I can sink my teeth into. Sooooo, read on for pieces in my current collection and what I’m hoping to add to my home-turned-library.

For the Fellow Animal Lover:

One of my OG coffee table books, I just really adore this one. Not only is it different, visually appealing, and filled with gorgeous photographs of one of my very favorite animals, it tells a story about wildlife photographer, Monty Sloan and self-proclaimed “Wolf Man”, Shaun Ellis, who has dedicated his life to living with and understanding the behaviors and spirits of these so often misunderstood creatures. You can even find him on YouTube wrestling with adult wolves and teaching a pup how to howl. *swoon*

The work of photographer Tim Flach in this book, appropriately titled Dogs is truly astounding. From prestine purebreds to rescue mutts, Dogs is sure to stun non-dog lovers (wait, who the f*ck isn’t a dog lover?!) and dog lovers alike. More photography than literature, leave this one flipped open on a table for instant art.

Travel Guide & Photography:

In my opinion, Lonely Planet can do no wrong in dishing out travel advice, vacation tips, and capturing must-see-bucket-list-type-destinations. Beautiful World is a perfect example of what the largest travel guide publisher does best. Filled with more than 300 photographs of the world’s most magnificent spectacles, not only will this inspire even the most well-traveled wanderluster, the stunning landscape photography is sure to impress all.

Interior Design Inspo:

Add a pop of color to your collection with Design*Sponge at Home from design blogger babe, Grace Bonney. Filled with enviable before & after pictures, DIY projects, home interviews from badass style and design experts, and even tips on nailing a floral arrangement, this book is for all of you who love to mix themes and don’t want to follow traditional home decor rules.

Another home decor book that’s sure to add to your home decor (figuratively and literally) is this one by color expert, Karen Haller. Titled Shades of Grey: Decorating with the Most Elegant of Neutrals, this gem inspires to do just that. She incorporates the psychology of color into her work, describing grey as “one of the most difficult colours to get right. Get it wrong and a room will be cold and dark, possibly even energy-sapping. Get it right, however, and your home will look fresh, sophisticated, and modern.” Challenge accepted.



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WHAT I WANT: New Year, New Home

There’s something anxiety-provoking exciting and seriously refreshing about moving into a new home. We’re actually moving next week (aahhh!!) and taking this next step as a chance to purge the shit out of all of our current furniture and home items in a quest to establish an aesthetically pleasing, completely themed, eclectically, but intentionally pieced together home that oozes comfort and style. Clearly, I’ve set the expectations high *insert crying laughing emoji*.
SO, as you can imagine, I have been to every home decor store within a 15 mile radius (living in LA, you don’t have to go far, thankfully!), scoured every nook and interior design cranny of Pinterest, and donated a TON of our old, broken, out of style, bachelor pad-ish items so that we can start with a clean slate, building upon pieces we only true love. Think: tons of bright white and some neutrals, mid-century modern furniture mixed with rustic and reclaimed wood, luxury meets edge with black shag rugs and chesterfield headboards, pops of color with Turkish pillows and mixes of texture with wool throws and leather Moroccan poufs. Stay tuned for more home styling updates, but for now check out the items below that I have been eyeing/obsessing/fawning over. Can’t wait for this all to be over! *insert crying laughing emoji x 3*.
Eclectic Home Decor Inspiration

1. Moroccan leather pouf

Definitely getting two of these gorgeous babies for our living room. Our couch is an L-shape soft grey and our coffee table will be matted, reclaimed wood so I’m thinking these poufs will not only add additional seating, but more texture and an homage to our eclectic vibe we’re going for.

2.champagne scented diffuser

I am desperately in love with candles, I have multiple kinds and scents in each and every room, BUT there’s something so good and so additionally necessary for a beautiful diffuser in at least one area of your home. I actually have this diffuser already and I keep it on our bedside table. I love it because I don’t have to risk falling asleep with a candle burning right next to my head (seems a little unsafe?) and can enjoy the scent throughout the night and day without having to light it. Bonus, the glass container itself is so pretty – I can’t wait to repurpose it when the liquid is all out.

3.Jaime Young white marble tray

Our new home will have white marble counters in the kitchen already, but the bathrooms are plain white, SO I was thinking this tray would be the perfect little addition to the bathroom counter. Not only will it tie in white marble I can’t get enough of, it’ll corral all of my beauty and skincare products that I use on a daily basis.

4.artificial fiddle leaf fig plant

Honestly, I might have to get the real version in this fig plant, but also honestly, I kind of have a “black thumb.” I guess that tiny little fact should prevent me from hoarding a multitude of plants in all shapes and sizes in every room in my home, but it just doesn’t. I love the raw, natural, authentic aesthetic plants provide (whether they’re half-dead or not?).

5.Alpaca grey throw

I can only imagine how soft and cozy this throw must be, and how perfect it will look casually draped over a deep purple, richly plush, velvet armchair, tossed into a hand-woven basket, or piled onto the edge of a navy, Chesterfield-style bed.

6.agate coasters

I’ve lusted after these for awhile, and feel like our big move is just the right motivation I need to pull the trigger and making these mine. A mix of earthy, edgy, and colorful, I think it’s the perfect little detail to any and every home.

7.Kate Spade striped table lamp

Our bedroom will mostly have a black-and-white, edgy meets luxurious theme, making this lamp the perfect addition to our new black, bedside table.

8.turkish rug

I can’t get enough of vintage, Turkish rugs right now and am thinking this pop of color and pattern will be the perfect addition to our otherwise white and bright, neutral living room. Now if I can just convince the husband that a hot pink and purple area rug is just what the new home needs…

9.ghost armchairs

These trendy and modern chairs will be the perfect counterbalance to our rustic, reclaimed dining room table and bench. They’re also great for faking more space in small rooms or apartments because of their lucite appearance.

Do you have any advice for making a new house a stylish home without losing your mind in the process? Please share! But seriously, SOS!!!